Mason jars including multifunctional container. We can use it as a container sewing tools, kids craft container, container kitchen spices, until a replacement glass to drink juice. If you love gardening, you can also use mason jars as the protector of your plant shoots. Create with decorated mason jars was never no death. We can make a lot of unique creations of mason jars this. In addition, it is the unique shape, mason jars are also very multifunctional. You will make creations or mason jars make you look more artistic.

To enhance the look of your table, decorating what you normally use? Cloth is the most common decorations are used to cover the surface of the table with motifs and colors vary. You can utilize this mason jars decorated as a jam glass vase. Tools needed only pastel-colored paint. To make this vase, basting all parts of the jar with paint pastel colors. It will make your glass ornament looks like a home than in ’20 or ’40. After the paint dries, fill the jar with water and fresh flowers. Choose flowers that feminine and sweet, like a daisy, edelweiss, or pastel roses. You can also add a hemp rope on the neck jar to strengthen ornament display. The final step, align these beautiful vases in front of your bedroom window or patio, in a white knitted cloth bag and books classic novels.

Lantern mason jars are also a great way to make a big impression in the outdoors. Personally, when using lanterns mason jars for wedding garden party decorations always prefer to use plain white / cream colored because you think the natural look works best when surrounded by trees and greenery. This one object as a thing that first comes to mind when talking about the accessories that can enhance your dining table. Now try changing the mason jar with a wide range of unique boxes or cans are made of antique vase.

It certainly will be a new attraction on the dining table of the invited guests. Jar Ideas is an idea to decorate the jar where the business is engaged in product design. This effort largely use objects that exist around unused that including jars. To reduce waste bins that every day more and more. But trying our design is slick and god willing useful for household needs, especially for lovers of home decor. Besides the decorative jars can also be used for a wedding gift.

In the rainy season, as now, would often result in a power outage suddenly. For that, you can create a unique wax container using the former mason jar decorating ideas. Besides useful as a candle, these containers can also bring warmth autumn style. Makes it was fairly easy. You can use old newspapers, dried leaves, to lace as decoration. The tools you need even just glue and scissors. As simple as making handicrafts. The first thing to do is to cover the body with leaves jam jars, paper, fabric lace. Use glue as adhesive. Then, inlaid with hemp rope formed into ribbons. The final step is putting wax into the jar of jam. Dim candle light will illuminate foliage or newsprint, and make it look unique wax container. Your room will feel more comfortable with this decoration.