You certainly have a lot of clothes, and patterned shirts that are not used, too small, or because there is a small tear at him. Measure your pillowcase and cushion, adjust the used clothing earlier. Sewing then make used clothing such as a pillow and cushion covers are unique and interesting. Look for lights with ornament of bamboo, other than as a source of light, bamboo ornaments that will reinforce the impression of the village you want. Contemporary design is actually very rarely used because of the shape of furniture accessories are in order or in a modern well established already looks like accessories, but not infrequently also the use of modern learning lamp for accessories, or abstract painting, but all that is not in large quantities, often only found the accessories on contemporary design.

For color selection teenage room colors that you apply should be able to provide brightness. Wrong color will result in negative impacts to the room. But you do not worry because there are other colors that are suitable for teenager’s room as pale green color and soft blue. And, perhaps with this design teenagers will feel comfortable when asleep. Powder pink color cast will make the atmosphere look girly and gives a soft touch. Apply this color on all side walls. For furniture bed, console tables, chairs, and accessories can be used beige curtains. The atmosphere seemed sweet and comforting.

Bring back the color pink powder that is on the cushions, lamps, and decorative flowers on the console. Rooms also are a place that is attractive and gives a sense of fun. For teenage boys who love music you can design the bedroom with an appropriate theme. You can start by looking in magazines or posters music stores that provide a poster of the band or singer who was liked by your teenager. The poster frame and hanging on the bedroom wall artistically.

You can do a mix of colors in various shades teenage room decor of purple to create the impression of an elegant room and not boring. Apply the color purple in all parts of the bedroom. For the walls you can apply color purple in one piece for example on the wall behind the headboard. While other parts try to use purple in shades lighter or slightly pink purple. Purple color also can apply to accessories such room in the bed area ranging from pastel purple linen combined with patterned bedspread bright purple-white, and matching cushions. To use the floor is white tile floors with carpet purple or can also use this type of light brown parquet floor to warm the atmosphere.

Pastel purple can be applied as the main color on the walls teenage room color ideas. While white can be used to wrap furniture such as bedroom, console table, wardrobe, or chair. And, do not forget to decorate the room with beautiful ornaments decorations like flowers, or maybe just a flower painting. The pastel green color combination can bring the feel of freshness that is comfortable, the room was quiet impressed, and makes the time your child is getting quality sleep. Moreover, pastel green color is also able to create an impression that the room is wide so, child can feel enjoy when move in it. As for the gray color should you apply on the ceiling and furniture such as beds, wardrobes, tables and chairs? Gray color cast can add reassuring calm atmosphere.