Child’s bed design unique and attractive not only lies in the selection room wall color colorful or in the selection of furniture that is suitable for children, but also lies in the layout or placement of furniture, furniture and other ornaments are so children really feel comfortable and safe in his room.

It is easy of course to make bedroom design boys are cool and in accordance with the wishes of the child. In making bed room for boys, you should discuss with the child who will occupy the room cool. So that will materialize room to sleep in accordance with the child’s favorite. You have to know that every child has the personality and characteristics of different. It is universally characteristic is divided into two types, namely the masculine and feminine. Masculine character is a design concept that is applied to get the impression that cool boys beds and cool. And, certainly masculine character intended for boys.

To create the impression of a modern and luxurious decor theme Harley Davidson at home, black suited to the color stand out. Choose black wooden bed or bed steel. It is very durable and attractive. Add Harley Davidson Rose Super Soft Blanket Throw is available in a choice of black and red. Place in the corner of your bedroom. To create interesting and unique design of the walls, you can add a Harley Davidson unique wall art or wallpaper. For example, you can install a Harley Davidson HD Live up Skull Canvas Print Wall. The skull wall wallpaper design is perfect for those who like rock style. Another option is you can hang motorcycle frame unique and cool on top of your bed set.

Using this type of bed will help you save space for placing two or more beds in their room. Also, you can still use the space under the bed as storage space for your children. So, this is a very good idea if you want to maximize the space in it for your children cool beds for boys. In this era now many factories that produce special sleeping bunks for kids cool and unique. As an example of the bed to sleep for example in the form of a boat, car, plane, a giant ball, animations, and much more. For the selection of beds to sleep also depends on the child’s liking.

In general, the existing furniture in the cool boy beds is very simple and cool-cool. For example, a set of study table and wardrobe. You also can add a little large-sized rack to place belongings. For example, to save a few toys, books, clothes, and other objects that could add value to the design of the bedroom boys are cool and interesting. Bed adolescent males have male pattern and simpler than the bed adolescent girls. Example decor bed adolescent boys are football, robot, stripe, flag, etc. The models of the bed adolescent males are also more modest than the bed adolescent girls. No ornaments such as lace like in bed adolescent girls. We think the model bed adolescent male is flat, but it looks cool. To make your child comfortable, do not forget to choose a good material for bed teenager. Cotton is a good material. Now, your child happy to be in her own room.