Who said the shower was just a routine for everyone? Bathing can also be made cool and fun. One way is to soak in a tub of cool and style. So, for lover’s ritual bath, complete your bathroom with a bathtub is unique. Commercially available various forms of unique bathtubs for the bathroom that makes you confused selection. Bathtub is where we bathe to release tired after our activity. Bathtub is referred to as toiletries sexy and brilliant because its shape resembles a high-heeled shoe. Bathtub made in Milan, Italy, is made of glass and decorated with a mosaic pattern that adds to the beauty. The women might like a bath soak in the bathtub shaped this shoe. Available in several designs and colors, coated with glass mosaic of the surface.

Shaped like a boat. This bath is designed specifically for people who love the uniqueness in the bathroom. Glance tub pool is similar, but with a shape like a mini bathtub in general. Users do not have to bother getting up after the ritual bath because of its location which juts into the tile. Model bathtub with bath tub lip position flush with the floor surface. This design such as a private pool with a small size. Bath up in the image above is equipped with a water flow that is simple; around lip of the pool is used with wood flooring, or can be tiled with the color of wood, equipped with small stones around it to make it a nuanced outdoor bathtub.

The following models are unique bathtub Japanese-style bathtub. A corner of the room with the tub supporter of wooden furnishings is typical of the baths in Japan. With the addition of a candle flame at some point make bathroom design looks cozy and romantic. Bathtub ship models, does a design resemble a bath tub with a model like a ship. This design is very minimalist ,but unique. Bath with natural wood color surrounded by white domination creates a model of a bathroom like this look elegant. As well as a bathtub models Japanese models in the previous image, bathtub Asia models also use tubs with wood character. In the picture above are used tub with fiber or ceramic, but given a touch of wood on its outer surface. This model is suitable if your bathroom has a window with a view of the outdoors.

The next model is unique bathtub with shower bath up models are on the ceiling. Bath tubs made round tube as a regular tub, but its uniqueness lies in the shower position. By positioning the shower in the ceiling, then there is a sensation as if a shower with a rain showers. Model modern bathtubs transparent. Bathtub in the image above is the design of a modern bathtub. Bath up made with a transparent material, with a minimalist shower. In the tubs, placed a chair that served as you lay down to enjoy the feel of relaxation while soaking in the bathtub. Bathtub memorable minimalist, but this exclusive looks made of transparent glass. There is a rest in a bathtub and a built-in television and thus add comfort you in running your bath ritual.

Ultra flirty very elegant, uniquely shaped bathtub woman in high heels will make your bathroom one of a kind. Bathtub covered with shiny glass tiles that resemble gemstones on designer shoes. Unique luxury bathtubs can be placed not only in the bathroom, but also in the bedroom. Double bathtub is not only functional but also very comfortable. They come in many shapes and sizes to ensure the comfort of both partners. In the picture below you can see a rectangular tub, asymmetric, oval, heart-shaped, double bathtub water points are round and that will add diversity to your bathroom and make you excited to visit again. Spoil yourself, you deserve it!