For decorating the interior space can be used plates. And, for these purposes are used as decorative plates, and the most common, which can be bought in stores on Sunday’s delivery. Of course, the dish should be selected for this purpose beautifully. Many bring a dish of travel from a business trip, after traveling to relatives or friends. And, often only get a plate as a gift. Thus, decorative plates for wall would be interesting and unusual collection, which can be exclusive decor of the room. Deliberately wall. The composition can be nothing accidental. The composition may be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Symmetrical composition impressive static equilibrium. Asymmetrical composition gives the impression of dynamism. Asymmetry is obtained if used in the composition of different diameter plates, or if the plates have asymmetrical.

Decorative plates where the plate interior decoration color should match the color scheme of the interior space. Ideal choice if the color gamut color space coincides with, but it happens very rarely. But if the color plate will coincide with some accessories or decor items in the room that has enough for the color scheme of the composition of the plate is not a “stranger” in the room. Dish style should match the style of interior design. However, modern style allowing other style dishes. All other styles of interior design for rigorous style dishes. Only the classic combined with classic, modern with modern, state to state, etc. For example, country-style dishes totally unacceptable to have an interior in a classical style. It’s important for solution background. If the wall wallpapers with a small figure, should not be placed on such a wall plate with a small figure. Plate with a small figure should be placed such that they can be seen at close range, with great pictures from a distance. Stylish dish on the wallpaper with stripes.

 Depending on the type and will be determined by the content of the image based on it. Can be divided plate decorated on those made specifically for interior or taste, and are associated with a number of proposals in the field of souvenir production. With all the resort destinations and attractions can take home a piece of memory that will fit on the trophy or the overall distance. Souvenir likes to remind about the rest, stir in the memory of a pleasant moment of relaxation. A premium decorative plates. Often, they are made with special equipment. They could see the engraving, embossing. Award plates are used instead of cups at sporting events, various competitions. By using modern technologies such as laser engraving or manual, can be applied to individual requests, to make only dishes.

Decorative plates can be made with their own hands for their interior decoration and present them to relatives and friends, co-workers. It will be a wonderful gift and unexpected for someone who appreciates the manual work, personal, stylish and beautiful things decorative switch plates. In addition to images and text on the plate can be printed image everywhere. This is may be a primary motive, and can only be an element in the decision beautiful design. Plate arranged centrally. Assorted plate is placed right in the middle of the wall. Plates arranged to form a horizontal line. It is suitable if you have a large size plate. Plates arranged vertically. Suitable for narrow walls, including a column or pillar. Plates arranged to form a certain format. For example, round, heart, diamond, or a box.

One way decorative wall plates to put the plate is to hang them on the wall. Decorative wall plate should be selected based on, first of all, from the color and texture of wall coverings, which will show off the product. Wall with variegated color of the wallpaper is not very welcome “will” dish with a variety of rich, smooth detail. While monochrome or monochrome painted plate so will be in harmony with this wallpaper. Colors and bright colors will also fall on a plain wall, in which case you must take into account the color accents on a platter and tone echoed in the interior. This may be similar to the tone of the floor tiles, sofa covers, blankets, furniture color elements.