With the size of 5mx5m with a broad size enough the movement of people in this room to be free and undisturbed. Kitchen set his newfangled island. This kitchen is a pastel color with a touch of greenery on the cabinet. Top table and back panel using a patterned beige marble. With a blend of beige on white walled kitchen set and this makes the kitchen feel of the room becomes soft and calm. And, that the kitchen is not too hot then in the midst of the room there is a window for air circulation in the kitchen is to be good and refreshing. Island counter in the kitchen functioned as possible. The table is equipped with a simple-shaped bar stools. Alas his desk made of white solid surface. Brown and white colors blend harmoniously in this area.

This 12,5m2 kitchen area has an elongated shape that consists of a single line and a single cabinet table island. Kitchen cabinet sets using plywood with HPL finishing. The divisions of the color combinations are light brown on top and dark brown cabinet to bring the cabinet to make the kitchen feel more spacious. Desk made extending the shape of the island kitchen. Function Table Island is divided into two. First for the second bench of the bar. Serving table measuring 160cm x 70cm has multiple drawers for storing utensils. Not to impress balky, foot bench not be used for storage. Most simply for shelf.

The kitchen area of 9m2 has a table island used as a dispensing table and desk mini bar. Made different table heights. Short, 80cm is used as a workbench height 120cm for the breakfast table. Cabinet used quite mini measures just 200cm x 80cm. Electronic equipment for cooking such as a refrigerator, microwave, and oven made of built-in here. Sink is separate from the cabinet kitchen set. Stainless steel material kitchen island table deliberately chosen because it is relatively durable and not prone to water. Only, pay careful attention to the placement of the stove. Completing the cooker with cooker hood better, plus make enough openings in the room. Because, you certainly do not want cooking fumes spread throughout the room and make breathless. Lastly, do not forget to fill your dining table with bar stools. It was like eating at a restaurant.

The kitchen type cool kitchen islands have the most beautiful form than other types. If the room is too small, just make the island table with a dining table. Kitchen-type Island does look pretty. However, placement requires a lot of places that are often avoided. But, if you can outsmart, could use the kitchen of this kind in a limited area. Try to eliminate the dividing wall and combine the kitchen with a dining table. As a result, the dining area looks more stylish, limited land issue was resolved. Indeed, the dining table was forced to be raised to as high as the bar. This is a consequence of the merger with a kitchen table that has more compared to standard height dining table. However, there is no harm in eating at the bar. Even unique look and style.

Maximize functionality kitchen island ideas by building a kitchen island table; there are variety of activities can be done. Ranging from dispensing, washing up to serve food. The kitchen became more organized. The kitchen island for example. Model this one featuring one or two tables equipped cabinet, which is in the middle of the room. Its presence makes cooking become more optimal activity. Why? There, we can perform a variety of activities, such as cooking, washing, to serve food. You do not have to worry about storing goods. The bottom of the table island can be used to store a variety of cooking utensils, such as pans, and others. By doing so, the available area a lot and do not need to hang the pot because of the total lack of storage closet.