The bed is a place where you rest. To make it more convenient you can use double cushions and colorful bed sheets or bed spread. Today, for most modern homes and eco homes Moroccan decor is very popular interior design option. One of the best ways to redesign your bedroom is by using Moroccan bedroom decor. This is because moroccan inspired bedroom decor that includes the use of dramatic colors as well as toned colors, which brings to life the beautiful and intricately designed patterns on the elegant Moroccan fabrics. Changing room into an exotic Moroccan dream is an interesting and boring choice, but the results can be truly magical. You can choose anything from beautiful Moroccan furniture colorful Moroccan bedding and other decorations that will set your heart on fire and bring out the fire in passion.

Most of the Moroccan bedding designs in spicy colors and can be customized to match the color scheme of your bedroom wall. You can use a moroccan style decor bed or make one on the ground. If you create a place that has a minimum ground clearance then you can give a sense of touch with a earthier and brown, beige and other earth colors. To give your bedroom the ethnic look you can add some equally cushions or colorful pillows. Morocco soft cloth and have embroidered silk will that will provide that exotic look. It has detailed embroidery and features small mirrors amidst a hue of brilliant colors than can vary from gold, sage, or chocolate cinnamon in the background. Imagine the impact of such a color; this will give your bed a touch and feel of the ground.

In the past few years Moroccan have nightstands gained popularity; mainly created by Mousharabiya wood also with wrought iron screens is available. You can splash the walls with relaxing colors and use Moroccan accessories like the henna lamps to brighten it. You can also add a center table or a dressing table with Moroccan designs and intricately cut wood to make it look rusty and dreamy at the same time. For creative spirit you can change the Moroccan carved hexagonal tables into a piece of lighting itself. Adding Moroccan fabrics with gold embroidering on bold fabrics can create the festive atmosphere of the Palace in your living room. Embroidered cloth put on the coffee table will give the room a unique and intimate atmosphere.

The most common pattern is geometric shapes, but plants and birds; mainly storks can be seen perched among them around the outer edge of design. Moroccan culture believes the stork brings good luck. Another unique place in your home to add Moroccan fabrics that you may not think of being in the bathroom. Square garments with designs heron perched atop mosques and other holy places can be found around Morocco in public baths. Stork designs are also often embroidered into bags, curtains, wall hangings, and belts. Typical bedroom will have a double bed, wardrobe, dressing table, bedside table, study table, bookshelves etc,.

Combine brown color so impressed bedroom warm at the same time calm. Use brown color on furniture beds, chairs, console tables, and cabinets. Create the impression of a more beautiful moroccan bedroom by blending the colors brown and orange in the area beddings. Such as, bedcover combined russet orange cushions. So also for the ornament in the bedroom like a lampshade, wall hangings, curtains and more fitting if you choose the color brown. Spread Moroccan carpet design to complement the bedroom design style of your Middle East. Or add a few accessories that are typical with this design. By doing so, the bedroom Morocco will be created and gives the impression that makes you feel at ease and happy while spending time in it.