The headreast has resembles design a sophisticated the shape of the fabric of asymmetric star and sun and provide attractive center for the bedroom. Both the headboard and bed frame leather available in various colors, such as blue anemone exotic or carob warming red. In the bedroom, the headboard or the board at the head of the bed can be a special decoration. You can put a large piece of art on the walls that attaches to the head of the bed. Use a piece of wood to decorate homemade headboards the head of the bed. Different from previous decorations, you can use wood as a headboard or a board at the head of the bed.

Color which has been a favorite in the bedroom minimalist black and white. To add more colorful impression then we can add a touch of gray to give the impression of more subtle. In addition to color, type of bedding options will also greatly influence the final design minimalist bedroom. This is because the bed or bed itself is the most important point in creating a minimalist style. Besides bearing the head of fabric or wood can also be added to reinforce the impression of a minimalist. Choice of furnishings also be chosen wisely when you want to create a minimalist bedroom design.
Order classic king-size bed with headboard to rest your body at night in order to be able to face tomorrow. Choose an efficient headboard because sometimes serves more than just decoration. For example, headboard equipped with shelves or drawers. Useful for extra storage space, right? You also have to consider the size of the headboard. Traditionally, the size of the head of the bed according to the size of the bed. However, the head of a large bed can carry a dominant impression for the bedroom. Determine also the material. If you want to sit and watch TV in bed, for example, the head of the bed should be thick like leather or models bearing.

If you want to give a new look to your bed, following the design homemade headboard ideas beautiful in your bedrooms. Frame your bed with shelves and drawers that will make you a more perfect bed with a book store or a collection of photos. Ottoman bed It slides up to reveal the vault. At the head of the bed, you can push in the top panel hinged to access the same space. Headrest with beautiful wallpaper in the design such as rollers or blinds

Simple concept can also be used as the idea of making a headboard, of course, the design also adjust the color of the furniture and the feel of the room the desired room. No headboard made using foam material, and as usual, using the finishing of synthetic leather which is generally used as a neutral white color. To headboard order, can be made material of multiplex, then using finished teak veneer patterned wood. Also you can add wall wallpaper so that of the room the theme becomes creates an environment and more attractive or a different feel.

The easiest way is to attach full size headboard made of cloth on boards of plywood / plywood. Select the type of soft fabric with a pattern that you like. In order to feel tenderer, you can add foam glued and attached to a wooden board. Give foam around the timber, and then cover it with a cloth that we have chosen. Once completed, attach the headboard at the top end of the bed. Although simple and traditional impressed, but the headboard is quite comfortable to use to lean on.  Should select the headboard is compact, not too thick, and minimal carving / detail. While for those who like to read in bed, leaning on the headboard, it’s good to choose a padded headboard equipped pads.